Bicycling Buying and Riding During the Pandemic

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The pandemic is having a drastic impact on the bicycle industry.  Consumer behavior is evolving rapidly.  We recognize that  people in the industry need actionable data to make informed business decisions.  We are conducting a three phase study that will survey consumers and quantify the impact of COVID-19 on bicycle demand.

Because both the pandemic and it’s economic impact are aggressively evolving situations and because consumer habits are currently so volatile, we are conducting the research in three waves to track the bicycle economy over time during this period.

The focus of the three phases of the study is to determine the actual attitudes and intentions of consumers either actively participating or returning to cycling relative to the following key categories:

  1. New bicycles
  2. eBikes
  3. Used bicycles and eBikes
  4. Bike share usage
  5. Indoor cycling

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