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We are Three People with

Over 150 Years of Expertise

+ The Data Wizard!

About Us

The Human Powered Solutions Consultancy possesses a unique skill set that includes pedal only, electric assist, electric component, connectivity and communication product and system design, manufacturing and management. In addition, we have extensive industry and consumer research experience and data and insights on retail dealers.

Meet Your Microbility Pros


Brad Hughes

Founding Partner & Managing Director

P&L and Operations management • Supply Chain management
Sales & Marketing strategies • Project Management • Product Management

A global business leader with more than 45 years of experience who has presided over companies as a CEO and COO and produced triple digit cost reduction and profit results by crafting achievable business solutions, creatively solved supply chain issues, drafted and implemented new company organizational structures, fostered win/win solutions thru fast paced problem solving at leading consumer companies, brand positioning and wholesale distribution and successful mergers and acquisitions.

Past Positions
Senior Executive US/Global, COO, President, Executive Vice President, General Manager


Mike Fritz

Founding Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Engineering management • Project management • Manufacturing technologies • Electric propulsion system • technology • Test and evaluation • Team Building • International operations and sourcing • Regulatory compliance • Customer and vendor liaison

Motivated executive professional with more than 45 years of global experience as a CEO and in engineering, engineering management and product development environments, including extensive experience in project management, organizational development and international sourcing in the light electric vehicle industry.

Past Positions
Senior Executive US/Global, President & Chief Technology Officer, Vice President Technology Development, Vice President New Product Development, Vice President Engineering, Research and Development


Jay Townley

Founding Partner & Resident Futurist

Data analysis & reporting • Market analysis • P&L analysis • Purchasing and International • sourcing Recall policy and program analysis and reverse logistics • Business & Strategic planning • Regulation and legislative research • Governmental affairs • Supply Chain analysis and development

A business professional with over 60 years of domestic and international experience as a CEO and in logistics, purchasing, contract negotiations, lobbying, market and consumer research, product development, product management, retail research, strategic planning, association management and seminar and conference production and negotiated successful mergers and acquisitions.

Past Positions
Senior Executive US, President, Vice President Purchasing, Vice President Product Safety & Governmental Affairs, Vice President Marketing

kid riding bicycle

Christopher Georger

The Data Wizard

Human Powered Solutions is partnered With Georger Data Services to bring clients data and insights on retail dealers. Georger Data Services has over 15 years analyzing 150 bicycle brands and over 7000 bicycle dealers.

"We don’t believe in management by hope as a business strategy."

- The Human Power Solutions Pros