After inviting Mike Fritz to apply for membership, UL Standards & Engagement confirmed that the technical committee chair of TC2849 approved Fritz’s membership, followed by confirmation of TC2580, which covers the standards UL2271 and UL2580. 

UL2849 is the voluntary standard for electrical systems for e-bikes, while UL2580 is the standard for batteries for use in electric vehicles, such as e-bikes, including voluntary standards UL2271 and UL2580.

Fritz is chief technology officer for Human Powered Solutions, a consultancy focused on pedal-only, electric-assist, electric component, connectivity and communication product and system design, manufacturing, and management. In addition, it has extensive industry and consumer research experience, and data and insights on retail dealers.

“I’m old school,” Fritz said. “I started my professional career at the Schwinn Bicycle factory in Chicago back in 1973. Over the years, I have worked in product engineering management for several e-bike brands, as well as being CTO for e-bike propulsion system component manufacturers. Importantly, I was employed as the North American technical representative by a leading battery pack supplier to the e-bike industry. 

“This experience enables me to offer our micromobility clients a level of technical insight that they would not have when sub-contacting product development and manufacturing engineering to OEMs and third- party suppliers. This is especially true with respect to lithium-ion batteries and related micromobility propulsion systems. I was trained on technologies, processes, and protocols associated with the design, production, and servicing of high-quality lithium-ion batteries used in the e-bike industry.”

“A key service Human Powered Solutions offers to micromobility clients is the ability to interact with lithium-ion battery pack suppliers to establish complete battery pack specifications and necessary performance attributes to ensure that clients are integrating appropriate battery packs into propulsion systems that are suitable for their application.” 

The global nonprofit UL Standard & Engagement is a safety science organization that develops, publishes, and maintains consensus standards that guide the safety, performance, and sustainability of new products and evolving technologies and services, delivering solutions that range from household appliances to smoke alarms, from batteries and building materials, to cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles.

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