At the CABDA Midwest Expo Awards Ceremony February 7, Jim Kersten, CABDA show director, presented a special award to 66-year industry veteran and founding partner of Human Powered Solutions, Jay Townley, for dedication to improving the bicycle industry.

In presenting the award, Kersten said, “CABDA doesn’t give out special awards often, but in this case Jay Townley has been a supporter of our expos from the beginning, and he has written articles and conducted webinars for the NBDA, and made presentations at CABDA Expos, including for our education sessions today, and will be making a presentation at our East Coast Expo March 7 and 8 at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.”

In accepting the award, Townley said, “I am surprised and honored. Being in the bicycle business as long as I have I no longer expect awards, but when there is recognition like this for continuing to do the best I can for this business, I am very grateful. My thanks to Jim Kersten, the whole CABDA family and crew.”

Jim Kersten, left, recognizes Jay Townley for industry service.