Be aware:  lithium-ion battery packs used to power electric bicycles and scooters suffer damage that will compromise their safety and stability if partially or totally submerged in water.  This damage can be even more severe if the battery packs are submerged in salt water, as you would expect from storm surge associated with Hurricane Ian.

Please check your inventory.  If you have battery packs that have been partially or totally submerged in flood water during the storm, we advise that you carefully remove all affected battery packs to a safe location outdoors, such as a parking lot, away from your store and any other flammable materials.

We urge that you notify your local fire department that you have a quantity of potentially dangerous lithium-ion battery packs giving the fire department the exact location of the battery packs.

Solicit advice from the fire department as to what to do next.

The e-bike industry’s recycling partner, Call2Recycle, is available should you need help with safely handling damaged E-Bike batteries. Please reach out to if you need assistance. 

Please stay tuned for further advice.